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Restoring your vinyl pool's appearance and function

Vinyl Pool Renovations Senoia, GA

Vinyl pools have become a popular choice in in-ground pools. Not only can they be installed quickly, but they are also the most affordable option. With extensive customization options in terms of color and shape, vinyl pools are an easy option for personalizing and maximizing your outdoor space. Over time, the vinyl liner can eventually become damaged or faded. When your vinyl pool needs rejuvenation, the team at J&M Pool Company can help bring new life to your pool through a new liner as well as high quality additional upgrades.

How can your vinyl pool be revitalized:

Repair your pool with a new liner.

With a selection of colors and patterns, your new liner can fit your vision and the style of your exterior space as a whole. Before choosing your liner, you can see samples in person to ensure the vinyl is exactly as desired.

Replacing your existing brittle or damaged liner with a custom created new vinyl liner will dramatically impact the aesthetics of your pool.

Upgrade your pool's patio.

Through the use of decorative concrete or pavers, your pool's beauty can be framed with an impressive exterior to match. A well-manicured patio space will not only enhance the appearance of your pool, but your home as a whole.

Improve the entry to your pool.

There are several options for improving the steps used to enter your pool. We refinish existing fiberglass steps with thermoplastic coating, replace existing steps, and upgrade to vinyl overlay steps. Regardless of the design or style selected, improving your steps is an investment in the beauty, accessibility, and safety of your pool.

Update your pool's equipment.

The proper functioning of your pool equipment is vital. Whether keeping your pool clean or making the temperature comfortable, your pool equipment will maximize your enjoyment of the pool in the years to come.

If you are considering a vinyl pool renovation, contact J&M Pool Company today to start imagining the
possibilities for your pool.

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